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Jungle Challenge Fundraiser

Our Jungle Challenge fundraiser pits 2 Teams against each other to collect Stars for their Teams by overcoming their Greatest Fears.

This Event is Ireland’s latest HIT Fundraising Event for your Club, School, or Organisatioin, which pits 2 Teams (Team Snake Rock, and Team Croc Creak) against each other to collect Stars for their Teams by overcoming their Greatest Fears. Not for the Faint Hearted, 24 Pre Registered Contestants will become Campmates for the Night and will be put to the test by taking part in a variety of 10 Challenges. Who can survive the Hell Holes, Bugs, Snakes, devour the Gourmet Critters and overcome a series of Spine Tingling and Tension Filled Challenges to beat their opponents, and be crowned King or Queen of the Jungle

Jungle Challenge Fundraiser Packages

We offer a number of packages to suit all budgets. From Event Only packages to Enhanced Media Packages - get in touch with our experienced team to find an option that best suits you and your needs.

Complete Jungle Package

Suitable for medium to large events
  • Professional MC
  • Music Throughout Event
  • Professional Film Crew
  • Acting Coach
  • Fully Themed Event
  • Full Event Management
  • All Promotional Material
  • Online Advertising Graphics
  • Professional Photographer
  • Professional Videographer
  • Video Edits & Post Production

Enhanced Media Package

Suitable for all our larger events
  • Professional MC
  • Music Throughout Event
  • Fully Themed Event
  • All Promotional Material
  • Full Event Management
  • Online Advertising Graphics
  • Acting Coach
  • Professional Film Crew
  • Professional Photographer
  • Professional Videographer
  • Video Edits & Post Production

2 Great Teams | Event & Media Operations:

This Team includes a Team of Industry Professionals, who will ensure both your Launch Night Event, and LIVE Show Night are a huge success. Our Team includes Specialist Producers, MC's, and Top Class Production Crews/Equipment. The Launch Night can really add to the PR of the Event, increasing the Profile, and creating Professional Images of the Contestants to be used on all the Promotional Material and Souvenir Booklet. 

  • Event Management
    • Complete Event Management
    • Event Information Meeting
  • Jungle Team
    • Event Producer
    • Public Liability Insurance, Stage Show
    • Trials, Crew, Staff
    • Trials, Drinks & Food
    • All Accessories
    • Professional Animal Handlers
    • Reptiles, Snakes, Bugs for Trials
    • Jungle Style Costumes for Contestants
  • Event 1 | The Launch Night
    • Event Operations Manager (Jungle Team)
    • Branded Backdrop/Props
    • Jungle Style Costumes for Contestants
    • Professional Photographer/Photo Shoot Set
    • Enhanced Options Available (Live Snake €295.00)
    • Enhanced Options Available (DJ/MC €295.00)
  • Event 2 | The LIVE Show
    • Event Day Operations Manager
    • Event Producer
    • Stage Manager
    • Contestant Management
    • Top MC
    • Live DJ (Sound Effects/Party Music)
    • Voting Stand, Voting Boxes/Tickets
    • Professional Production & Theme Set (See Below)
  • Event Crew & Production
    • Stage & Rigging System
    • Pipe & Drape
    • PA System
    • Professional Lighting Rig - WOW!
    • Large AV Screens (Both Sides of Stage)
    • Live Show Video Camera Crew
    • Live Streaming, High Definition
    • Sound Engineer/Lighting Technicians
  • Theme Set Stage
    • Jungle Props
    • Jungle Backdrop
    • Jungle Theme Set
    • Trials Coffins Boxes
    • Trials Hand & Head Boxes

Enhanced Event Options Available

From Design & Print, Video & Photo, to Social Media (the fluffy stuff) we have a Media Crew with all the professionals required to enhance and bling your Event. 

Design & Print
This eliminates the stress associated from the organising committee.  We Design, Manage, and Print all the Posters, Tickets, Sponsor Cards, Signs, and The Souvenir Booklet for the Night. The Souvenir Booklet contains all the Main Events Sponsors, Contestants and their Sponsors Logo’s and Adverts. We can also produce an ADVERTISING INSERT for all Additional Advertising (See Revenue Potential Page 2). Our Design & Print Operations Manager will Co-ordinate and Manage all requirements.

Video & Photo
This area is staffed with Industry Professionals in the fields of Video Camera Crews, Photographers, and Editors who will capture all the great moments and produce Video Edits and Photo Galleries, which will create a Legacy for Life of your Event for the Club and all Participating Members.

PR/Social Media
From the start our Media Crew will assist the Club with PR/Social Media, Event Marketing advice, and also Upload all the Video Edits and Photo Galleries to Social Media Platforms such as Facebook.


    • Stage 1 | Gig Announcement Poster
    • Stage 2 | Full Event Promo Pack Design
    • Stage 3 | Launch Night Contestant/Act Posters (x24 Contestants)
    • Stage 3 | Live Show Souvenir Booklet
    • Stage 3 | Live Show Screen Graphics/Print
    • Souvenir Booklet Contains:
      • Front Cover/Main Sponsor Advert (Back Page)
      • Premium Sponsors (Inside Front or Back Page)
      • Welcome
      • Rules/Format Pages (x2)
      • Trial Pages/Sponsors Logo (x10)
      • Contestant Profile Pages/Sponsors Logo (x24)
      • Advertising Insert Available (All other adverts)


        • Personalised 'Event Promo Video' (to advertise Event)
        • Live Show Video Crew
        • Extended Highlights Video/Interview (Live Show)
        • Club Interview Video


    • Launch Night Photographer
    • Photo Edits - Launch Night Images
    • Enhanced Options Live Show (Ask for Details)


    • Event PR & Marketing Support Consultation
    • Facebook/Social Media Set Up
    • Event Page/
    • Upload of all Design, Video, Photo to Social Media Channels and Web Sites


    • Promotional Signs x 2 (4ft. x 4ft.)
    • Promotional Posters x 50 (A3, A4)
    • Tickets x 750
    • Sponsorship Cards x 50
    • Personalised Launch Night Posters for all Contestants
    • Souvenir Booklet, Full Colour (200 Copies x 40 Pages)
    • Advertising Insert Available – See Payment Structure

Enhanced Media Options Available

Once you have decided to run this Event for your Club we will assign an Event Operations Manager and Media Operations Manager to take care of the Event & Media requirements.  From Print Crew, Graphic Designers, Video Crew, and Photographers to Event Crew, Professional Sound, AV, and Lighting Engineers, Live Cameraman, Top MC/DJ, Jungle Crew and Animal Handlers, we have the Complete Event & Media Teams to take care of your Event from Start to Finish and make your Night a huge hassle free financial success. There will be several steps along the way with commitment for the Contestants Stage limited to only a few Key Dates. No Training like other events such as Strictly Dance.


Here are some of the Steps along the way from Initial Event Information Meeting, through Launch Night, to the Live Show.

Initial Site Visit | Venue
This usually happens at the start of the process once the Initial Deposits are paid for the Event Booking. We will arrange one of our Event Operations Team to give you and your committee an overview of the entire Event and Process including Fundraising Revenue Streams/Tips – Package Guide/Payments Structures. There may be a requirement at this stage to visit the Venue to ensure it is suitable for the Event, if not one of our previous venues that we have worked in.

Event Operations
Our Event Operations Manager will send you the Welcome E-mail with Checklists and Support Documents to start planning your Event and Gaining Contestants.

Media Operations
Our Media Operations Manager will send you the Welcome E-mail. At this stage there will be more emphasis will be on promoting the Event and getting Tickets, Signs, Posters, Promotional Videos, Social Media Pages, and getting your Sponsorship Book started.

This is where the big guns come in and first to meet with you will be your Event Operations Manager prior to the Launch Night to go through all the final details ahead of the start of the Operations Period which will include the Contestant Launch Night/Photo Shoot, and Live Show. This meeting will be approx. 8 weeks prior to the Live Show Date.

Once the Contestants are all in place, an Event & Media Launch Night can take place. This usually takes place in a Local Pub/Venue or your Club. In attendance on the night will be all the Contestants, plus Members of the Club and the Contestant’s Supporters and Friends. Contestants will be dressed in their Jungle Costumes with our Professional Photographer capturing the moment for the Personalised Contestants Posters. You can arrange a DJ to have a Fun Night out for all.

It’s Showtime and time for the Contestants to be showcased to the Public in our Jungle Fundraiser Big Stage Production. Usually a Club would book a local Hotel or Venue suitable for the event. Having created some of Ireland’s Most Professional Stage Shows and Events, our Production Team will create a Big Stage WOW Factor using Professional Drapes, AV, Stage, PA, and Lighting, and Theme Set/Props. The Contestants will be first showcased as 2 Teams of 12 who will perform tasks and trials to gain a place in the next round. But who will be brave enough to get through these trials.

The Winner/Voting
There will be voting on the Night which will also contribute to the Winner of the Event.

After Party
Once the Main Event is complete it is time to either have an After Party Disco in the Venue, or some Clubs may prefer to head back to their own Pub or Club. This will be advertised extensively as we want Guests to enjoy a full night of entertainment and buzz. The Club are responsible for the After Party DJ if required.

Revenue Potential

Main Event & Advertising Insert
The event is based on 24 (Max) Contestant’s taking part. Usually there are 10 Challenges.

# Revenue From: Amount:
1 Main Event Sponsor €3,000
2 Premium Sponsors @ €1,500 each €3,000
10 Challenge Sponsors @ €500 each €5,000
1 Winner’s Prize Sponsor €250
24 Contestant Sponsors @ €250 each €6,000
24 Contestants Sponsorship Cards @ €500 each €12,000
750 Ticket Sales @ €25 each €18,750
3 Votes | Additional Contestant Revenue | Monster Raffle €8,500
TOTAL €56,500


Full Pages (€150.00 x 80) | Half Pages (€100.00 x 80) *
Estimated Total Revenue: €20,000.00 *

Total 1 (Main Event Revenue) €56,500
Total 2 (Advertising Revenue) €20,000

So following the basics above a Club can Gross over €75,000.00 from the Event. Clubs can gross around €55,000.00 and more from this Main Event, Plus Revenue from their Advertising Insert, which can add another €20,000.00 * We work with each club to maximize their Revenues. Please see Package/Costs and Payment Structure on the next E-mail.

It is important to have a VIP Reception, and Front Row Seats, for the Main and Premium Sponsors and to give them some ‘Complimentary Tickets’ for the Event.

Revenue Streams Information

  1. Main Event Sponsor

This is the big one reserved for your top Sponsor.

The Main Sponsor’s Logo will appear on Posters, and The Front (their logo) and Back Pages (their ad) of the Souvenir Booklet and also on Promo Video’s, Signage and any items Printed for the night. We will also have Signage, and will appear on all promo and printed items relating to the event. They will get ‘MAJOR’ publicity from the Night’s MC. 

  1. Premium Sponsors

There are 2 x Premium Sponsors and they usually get the similar publicity to the Main Event Sponsor. They get their Logo on the Posters and Promo under The Main Event Sponsor, and also either the Front Inside Cover or Back Inside Cover.

  1. Challenge Sponsors

There are 10 Challenges on the Night. Your Club can get a Sponsor for each of these. The Sponsor will be on the Screens prior to the Challenge, and also have their Logo on the Challenge Profile Page in the Souvenir Booklet for the Night (Some Clubs also offer a Full Page Advert Opposite). For Example Challenge 2, Hell Hole Sponsored By Spar, Ennis.

  1. Winners Prize

As well as being Crowned King or Queen of the Jungle the Winner will receive a Trophy and you can get a Winner’s Prize Sponsor. Again they will have an Advert in the Brochure, and their Advert on the Screens before the Winner Announcement.

  1. Contestant Sponsors

There are 24 Contestants.

Each Contestant will be required to get a Contestant Sponsor. We will place the Contestants Sponsor Logo on the Challenge Page. Again sometimes Clubs offer a Full Page Advert to the Contestant Sponsor opposite the Profile Page.

  1. Contestant Sponsorship Cards

Each Contestant will have a Sponsorship Card and be required to raise a set minimum amount of €350.00 on average, however this is totally up to the Club. But remember a Contestant can win based on their Fundraising and Results, so raising as much for the Club prior to the event is key to success so this is a huge incentive.

  1. Ticket Sales

The Event is based on 750 Ticket Sales for the Standard Package.

This would usually be for Venues that can facilitate around 600 Guests on Theatre Style Seating while allowing 20% of the floor space for the Stage area. If you decide to hold the Event in a larger venue we can provide an Enhanced Production to facilitate the increased venue size. The Bigger the Venue, the More Ticket Sales, the More Ticket Sales, the More Money Raised. Contestants are usually allocated between 10/15 Tickets Each to sell to their Family and Friends with the balance going on General Sale. We can facilitate on line options also for surplus sales.

  1. Adverts

The Advertising Insert
Companies can take a Full Pages (€150.00) | Half Pages (€100.00).

Prices can vary but average clubs would charge above.

Our Design Studio can design all the adverts to a Professional Standard.
You simply supply us with details of the company (i.e. A Business Card, Flyer, Etc) and we will make it up. Some Companies have their own adverts.

  1. Voting

Voting on the Night will account for 50% of the decision for Winner. Therefore it is important for the Supporters of the Contestants to Vote. Guests can place a vote for €2.00 (Minimum), or have 3 votes for €5.00 Some Guests will place Multiple Votes and you will make more …

  1. Raffle

A raffle is the ‘Old Reliable’, everyone loves to win a prize ….
Get as many Spot Prizes as possible and have a Raffle
Usually it’s €2.00 a strip, or 3 strips for €5.00
You can almost guarantee everyone present will buy tickets

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If you would like more information about Fundraising Events Ltd or any of the services we provide, please do not hesitate to get in contact with our experienced staff who will happily deal with your enquiry in a fast and efficient manner.

Alternatively, you can contact us using the Jungle Challenge Enquiry form on the right. We will do our best to reply to you within the same business day.